Coastal Engineering

From Wave Analysis to Coastal Structure Design: Our Comprehensive Coastal Engineering Services

Elevating Coastal Developments Customized and Innovative Approaches

When you partner with Konstruktion, you not only get innovative solutions, you get our fully vested team and a commitment to doing things right. Our relentless focus on success leads to smarter more collaborative building practices.

Building safer shorelines with our innovative costal engineering solutions

Coastal Structure Design

Our experienced engineers use the latest technology and industry standards to design structures that are safe, reliable and cost-effective. We consider a range of factors, including wave patterns, water levels, and coastal processes, to ensure that our designs are optimized for your specific needs.

Coastal Modelling

Coastal processes are complex and can be difficult to predict. Our team uses the latest coastal modelling tools to simulate the interactions between waves, tides, and coastal structures. This information is used to refine the design of the structures, taking into account the specific conditions of your project area.

Wave Analysis

Understanding the dynamics of ocean waves is essential for ensuring the stability and safety of coastal structures. Our experts use sophisticated computer simulations and field measurements to determine the wave patterns that affect your project area. This information is used to inform the design of the structures, ensuring that they can withstand the forces of the ocean.

Coastal Data Collection

Data is the foundation of sound coastal engineering. Our team has the experience and equipment to collect and analyze the data necessary to inform our designs. We use state-of-the-art instruments to measure wave patterns, water levels, and sediment movements, ensuring that we have a complete understanding of your project area.

Recession Rate Analysis

Coastal recession is a major concern for many communities. Our experts use historical data and field observations to determine the rate of coastal recession in your project area. This information is used to inform the design of the structures, ensuring that they will remain effective for the long term.